InnoLas introduces our latest generation laser system EXPEGO now with optional INFINITY Scan.

Expego our highest accuracy system, just got better. Now when processing large substrates, we have completely eliminating stitching errors.

InnoLas Solutions, a leader in laser micromaterial processing, is pleased to present the EXPEGO Series at the Laser World of Photonics show in Munich, Germany. The EXPEGO series is a new concept in 2D applications, such as ablating, cutting or drilling operations for sub-straight sizes up to 750 mm x 750 mm or 29.5 x 29.5 Inches.

The EXPEGO can be equipped with as many as 3 different types of lasers and can be operated with both a fixed optic and/or with a galvanometer scanner.

In conjunction with our Galvanometer Scanner, InnoLas Solutions has developed the all new INFINITY Scan function, this virtually eliminates the relative inaccuracy in scanning of sequential fields.

Machines equipped with the INFINITY function allows the Galvanometer scanner and the machining table to be run in parallel, thus achieving superior accuracy. Results of 5 μm even on oversized substrates are common. The Overall performance is further enhanced by the elimination of the "stitching function" as the EXPEGO can now additionally process with a dramatic increase in speed, resulting in typical gains of 40%. 

All InnoLas Solutions systems are capable of Industry 4.0 and can be operated interfaces with all common data.

Maximum Panel size:         29.5 ' x 29.5 ' (750 mm x 750 mm)
Accuracy:                           5 μm (in conjunction with INFINITY scan option)
Registration System:         InnoLas μVision
Operating system:             Windows 10 LoT
PLC:                                   Beckhoff
Data transfer tool:             InnoLas Post processor


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LS Laser Systems is a medium-sized company based in Munich Germany that operates internationally and has over 25 years of experience in laser technology. Its core business focuses on developing, producing, distributing, and servicing active and passive laser trimming systems as well as other micro-processing systems. The company has gained an excellent reputation over the course of two and a half decades as a reliable and highly productive partner.

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