Backside PERC / Contact Opening

Backside PERC / Contact Opening

The awarded high speed dash pattern process of InnoLas achieves a similar opening ratio as a dot pattern. The losses in Voc and FF caused by dots, which are not contacted properly, are avoided due to the size of the dashes. An optimized dash pattern can achieve highest cell efficiencies at a throughput of up to 4000 wph.

Laser Diffusion

Laser doped selective emitters (LDSE) reduce the contact resistance through selective overdoping of the contact areas. The InnoLas process solution achieves highest alignment accuracies down to 10 µm, an extremely homogenous energy ditribution through mask imaging with beam sizes from 100 - 300 µm, and a high throughput up to 3600 wph.

IBC Solar Cell Processing

For laser processing on IBCs a very high alignment accuracy of 10 µm with no deviations of the pattern in the edge area of the wafer is of upmost importance. InnoLas` high accuracy features along with automatic calibration routines are leading in this regard. InnoLas offers dedicated processes for IBCs as e.g. laser contact opening with minimized damage to the surface or local doping.

Cell Cutting

The InnoLas Laser Direct Cleaving (LDC) process is the most advanced approach for cell cutting in the industry. It is available as fully automatic stand alone solution or integrated into a module or printing line.

Frontside SiN Ablation

To overcome the risc of increasing Ag prices the usual Ag screen printing process needs to be replaced by Cu metallization. InnoLas' laser ablation process opens the front SiN with no damage to the textured surface before a sub sequent direct plating onto Silicon (PoSi). A mass production tool with a throughput of up to 3600 wph is available.

LFC (Laser Fired Contacts): FolMet

For laser  fired contacts (LFC) an Aluminum foil is laid down on the rear side of the solar cell and fired by the laser into the Si to form a SiAl alloy. Afterwards the foil is cut around the wafer edges by the laser. The FolMet technology is cheaper than a standard PERC setup through saving the cost of Al paste and the Al printing step.

Laser Edge Isolation

Introduced to the market by InnoLas already in beginning of the year 2000 decade the laser edge isolation (LEI) was a working horse in the industry for many years before it was replaced by wetchemical edge isolation. Still there is demand for LEI, mainly arising from bifacial solar cells.

MWT / EWT (Via-Drilling)

For the metal / emitter wrap through (MWT / EWT) technology holes must be drilled through the entire Silicon wafer. 

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