The next generation InnoLas Solutions Turntable Machine

The ULTAGO NX is a powerful laser processing workstation designed for high-precision applications in the photovoltaic industry. It achieves throughput of 6000 wafers per hour for solar cells and is used in high-volume production environments. Different from linear table machines, in the turntable machine loading, unloading, alignment, as well as laser processing are carried out in parallel in order to reach optimum productivity.



  • multi scanner setup
  • Automatic camera calibration
  • Automated routines for reference runs
  • Automated process control
  • 3-, 5- or even 8-Point alignment methods available (wafer edges or fiducials)
  • Stand alone and production line integrated systems

Download Technical Data

Technical Data
Accuracy< +/- 35 µm (1 sigma)
< +/- 10 µm optionally
< +/- 2 µm repeatability


up to 161 x 161 mm
> 100 µm
mono or poly crystalline silicon square/
pseudo square

Available laser
Wave length: 1064, 1030, 532, 515, 355 nm
Pulse: µs, ns, ps, fs
Laser spot size10 - 300 µm
Dimensions2400 x 1600 x 2300 mm
Power supply260 - 480 V
Compressed dry air6-7 bar
Cooling water5 - 20 l/min
Throughput6000 wafers per hour
  • CAD file import
  • SQL data base for process and event tracking
  • MES interface (SECS GEM PV2)
  • Integrated process metrology
  • Semi-automatic handling (R&D)
  • Fully-automatic handling (production)


    • Laser Contact Opening for PERC
    • Laser Doped Selective Emitter
    • Laser Direct Cleaving for half cells
    • Laser Contact Opening for Plating on Silicon