Laser system to process glass sheets for the thinfilm solar and glass industry

The DIMENSO is a laser processing system designed for high-precision and high speed applications in the photovoltaic and glass industry. The gantry system is designed for selective ablation of thin film layers on big size glass, with the ability to remove layers from the top or through the glass from the bottom side. The system is available with mechanical scribe heads (from top) or with multiple laser beam heads (from top or bottom). System speed is up to 2000 mm/ sec.



  • High speed processing with multiple beams for increased throughput
  • Fixed optic or scanner concept available
  • Precise pattern accuracy based on highly accurate machine vision systems
  • Integrated sensors to automatically compensate substrate tolerances
  • Minimized substrate contact reduces defects and contamination

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Technical Data
Accuracy< +/- 25 μm (1 sigma)
< +/- 10 μm optionally
< +/- 2 μm repeatability


Dimensions up to 2500 mm x 1500 mm
Various substrate thicknesses

Available laser
Wavelength: 1064, 1030, 532, 515, 355, 343 nm Pulse duration: μs, ns, ps, fs
Dimensions3800 x 3150 x 2800 mm
(depending on substrate size)
  • Through the glass or film side processing
  • SQL data base for process and event tracking
  • MES interface
  • Integrated process metrology
  • Simultaneous processing of two panels
  • External substrate transport system

Thin film ablation, laser and mechanical scribing (P1/P2/P3/P4), laser edge deletion, TCO patterning, glass cutting