InnoLas Solutions customer application and R&D center in Gilching/ Germany


InnoLas Solutions GmbH, a leading German laser equipment company for micro material processing and laser engineering, has opened a new customer application and R&D center in Gilching, Germany in July, 2017.

Due to the growing demand in customer application development and our own R&D activities we invested a total of EUR 3 Mio. in our laser applications center. The laser application center is designed to process different applications in crystalline solar cells, ceramic components, pcb-substrates and other brittle materials such as glass or sapphire.

The application center is equipped with industrial-grade InnoLas Solutions equipment and a broad spectrum of high end ultra-short pulse lasers, a variety of multi-axis stages, fixed and galvo based beam delivery systems. In addition to that diagnostic instruments are used for process control and measurement of the final sample.

The application center is located at Dornierstrasse 4 – 82205 Gilching/ Germany.